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Court on the Run


“ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ”

—    Leonardo DaVinci  (via ofela)

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“ Don’t let small minds persuade you that your dreams are too big. ”

—    Unknown (via moaka)

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Meb the Champion of the World

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Someone’s being photographed.

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Friday Date Night.



With this one.


But really, training takes up a crazy amount of time. 3.5 hours minimum these days at the gym which includes a run with my treadmill boyfriend, stretch, steam and shower. Sub yoga for stretch 3x a week. REPEAT.

Not only does training require major time…

This is why I love/hate running. It’s a major time commitment and it messes up my hair.


I’ve posted the one with the lovely ladies but I found with some handsome fellas! Men need body acceptance and body love just as much as women!!

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Krupicka on the Taranaki Summit

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